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Bittersweet Swimming and Tennis Association is located at 1429 39th Avenue in Greeley, Colorado. It is operated by its members, with an elected Board of Directors.


The pool is a 4-lane 25 meter run, with a diving well. The tennis courts are operated year-round, with keyed access by year-round members. Other amenities include volleyball, covered picnic tables, large grassy area, snack shack,  barbecue grill, and free WiFi for members (must obtain password from pool staff).


Activities include swim lessons, swim team, lap swim, water aerobics/ZUMBA, tennis lessons, and social events for the entire family.

The pool is managed by  Splash Pool Services.  

2016 Pool Hours


Monday            Noon—8pm

Tuesday            Noon—8pm

Wednesday       Noon—8pm

Thursday          Noon—8pm

Friday                Noon—8pm

Saturday           11am—8pm

Sunday             11am—8pm


2016 Special Event Days



Friday May 27th          Opening Day

Monday May 30th        Memorial Day Pot Luck/Festivities

Saturday June 11th       Adult Night/Over 21

Wed June 15th              Kids Day

Thursday June 23rd      Adult Night/Over 21

Monday July 4th          4th of July Pot Luck/Festivities

Wed July 13th               Kids Day

Friday July 15th           Family Night

Thursday July 21st       Adult Night/Over 21

Friday July 22nd          Family Night

Friday July 29th           Family Night

Saturday August 6th    Overnight Camp Out/$10 family

Monday Sept 5th          Labor Day Pot Luck/Festivities


Tues June 7th—Tues July 26th  Teen Tuesdays (8-10pm)

2016 Changes to Pool Operations—Important—Please Read


Computer Membership Database Check In/Out


Bittersweet Pool will now be utilizing a computerized membership database to check members in and out of the pool.  It’s now a requirement that members stop at the front desk to check in and out each time that they come and go.  As part of this new system swimmers under the age of 10 who have not passed the safety swimming test will be given a wristband each time that they enter the pool.  The wristband indicates that the child is a “non-swimmer” and they MUST be within arms reach of their guardian while they are in the water.  Each family will be required to fill out a membership demographics form (Class A or Class C membership form) prior to the swim season’s start, as well as having photos taken of each family member to be loaded into the system.  There will be two “Photo Days” prior to the opening of the pool, if you would like to come early and have your photos loaded into the system.  Otherwise, you will be stopped the 1st time that you come to the pool in 2016 to have your individual family photos loaded into the computer.


Photo Days:


Saturday May 7th  10am-1pm       Sunday May 15th  11am-2pm  





Drownings happen quickly and quietly even when lifeguards and parents are present. To prevent drownings it is imperative that parents and guardians actively watch their children in and around water, even when lifeguards are on duty. Splash Pool Services and Bittersweet pool are pleased to announce a new strategy to prevent drowning. This year all “non-swimmers” will be required to wear wristbands indicating that they must have a guardian within one arms reach.  Wristbands are a great visual aid indicating swimming ability. They quickly and easily tell lifeguards and bystanders which swimmers require close supervision. 

All swimmers under the age of 10 must pass a test swimming one length of the pool safely in order to swim without a wristband. These tests will be administered by a lifeguard on duty, daily, as requested by members.  If the child cannot pass the swim test they must wear a wristband and be actively supervised by a guardian who is within one arms reach of them in the water.  Swimming ability will be noted in the computer membership database, and non-swimmer wristbands will be given to those who need them each time they enter the facility.  Swimmers may retake the swim test throughout the summer in order to prove their ability to stay safe on their own.   The full policy will be available at the pool.  Feel free to contact Splash to discuss any questions or concerns about the policy. 

Thank you for your partnership in ensuring that Bittersweet pool stays as safe as it can be for your families and your guests!

* Weather Closures *

For the safety of our members the pool will close if lightning is detected within a 6 mile radius of the pool.  The pool can re-open 30 minutes after the last lightening strike is detected within the 6 mile radius.

Text Box: Bittersweet Swimming & Tennis Association

The BBQ is available to be used for free by members of the pool.  Reservations need to be made in advance at the life guard station, and the area MUST be cleaned up after use in order to continue offering this free service to members.

*Please note: Members are asked to bring side dishes to the Pot Luck activities.  The pool provides burgers and hotdogs.  If there’s not a larger turnout of side dishes at the remaining pot luck activities this year,
those will not be scheduled for the 2017 swim season due to the large expense to the pool.*