Level 1 Objective

 Children must learn how to independently enter the water, travel five yards, bob 5-10 times, glide two body lengths, rotate onto their back and float for five seconds, then recover to a vertical position and exit the water. 

Level 2 Objective

 Children must push off the bottom of the pool, tread for 15-30 seconds, and swim independently on their front and back for fifteen yards. 

Level 3 Objective

 Children must jump into deep water, recover to the surface, tread/float for one minute, rotate one full turn (looking for exit points), swim freestyle/front crawl, elementary backstroke, and backstroke for 25 yards. They must also push off in a streamlined position and swim for 15 yards. 

Level 4 Objective

 Children must be able to swim breaststroke, backstroke, freestyle, and sidestroke for 25 yards, as well as 15 yards of butterfly. They must perform a feet first entry and locate the exit point, then swim a full 25 of freestyle and elementary backstroke to complete swim lessons.  

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